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    Now you can watch the video of the "Vertigo" collection by Antonio Sicilia in collaboration with Svarta Läder which has been presented at the MBFWM-Samsung Ego/Madrid

    (Source: EFE Agency)
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    Unique, exclusive and hand-crafted leather designs. Bags, harnesses, gloves and leather collars.

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    The SØLO is a bag designed to be carried hanging in a belt and subject to the leg, releasing the hands to provide the maximum comfort.

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    To be carried hanging in the belt and subject to the leg.

    Vacio Perfecto is the minimalist expression of the SØLO BAG and is part of the Basic Range.

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    Harness is fashion accessory redefined, easily adapting to any person and style. Harnesses, just like belts, bring on a great deal of aesthetic distinction. Great potential regarding desing and shape variety make harnesses most wearable and combining accesories.

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